Click HERE to see the photos that J. R. & Carmen Guinn took at the 2011 Balloon Festival


 Members Paul & Peggy Cross the Yukon River into Dawson City, Yukon.
Makes you wonder who should be carrying who!


 Peggy & Paul parked 100 miles north of the Artic Circle on the Demspster Highway.


 From Jerry & Shirley, "We were stopped in a parking lot outside a supermarket
in Pictou, Nova Scotia when this jet landed on our roof.
Took me hours to get the tire marks off."
He's kidding, Right?


Carroll & Harold's 2006 Alpine and Jeep Liberty
at "On the Point Lodge" in Ipswich, South Dakota during the
October 2006 Pheasant hunting season. (They bagged their limit everyday!)


 Members get a lesson in "Geocaching" at the May 2008 NoWACA "Homecoming" rally.


(From  Rod & Karen:) Stopped for night north of lake Louise Alberta. (Banff National Park) The wide spot in the road was a lovely place to stop for the night. Traffic is very light during the night through the park so it was a very quite evening. Enjoyed the evening watching the ducks on the lake while sipping a glass of wine.


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